A POD Workshop in development

detail, Hutong Re:Development #17, 2008 copyright of Douglas Stockdale I have been working off line with Laura Russel, 23 Sandy Gallery in Portland, OR, who asked if I would provide a Print on Demand (POD) photographic book workshop next Spring at her gallery. She has been the third person who has approached me about providing something... Continue Reading →

The Creativity Network

My friend Ellen Butler just sent me a "heads-up" and provided a link to the Creativity Network.  If you scoll down, you will find: Doug Stockdale and my recent SoFoBoBo book Places Amongst Us.  very nice. I guess I need to update my web site with some of the images from Places Amongst Us. That will have to go on... Continue Reading →

Book publishing update

While I was on out on assignment today, my updated book Places Amongst Us was delivered. As you might recall, I was disappointed with color of the first production proof, it was like they had put the entire book in a tonal compression chamber; the shadows were blocked and the highlights were blown. It did not... Continue Reading →

Kjell Andersen – Crossing the River

Kjell Andersen had a fun little contest posted on his blog and I just found out who the winner is - Me! I have been enjoying his SoFoBoMo book Crossing the River a lot. His book is a quentessianal project with all of the elements that trademark a good series, well seen, wonderfully brought to... Continue Reading →

Sharpening photos for Xerox iGen3

Yesterday, I made a bad assumption. That the sharpening action that I had developed for the HP Indigo 5000 for Blurb printing was exclusively for the Blurb Indigo printer and did not apply to the Xerox iGen3 printer that Blurb utilizes for the 7" x 7" books. Duh! The truth in the matter is that... Continue Reading →

Square book

Another take away from my SoFoBoMo book Places Amongst Us has been the relatively feel in my hands of the Blurb square 6-3/4 x 6-3/4" softcover book. Perhaps a little too small. My square images appear to be stuffed in it. Admittedly, I use the LensWork magazine (also softcover & pefect bound) as my "gold standard"... Continue Reading →

SoFoBoMo print proof

  Places Amongst Us by Douglas Stockdale Yesterday afternoon I received my "printing proof" of my SoFoBoMo book Places Amongst Us, my softbound printed by Blurb. And of course, its one of those good news, bad news things. First the bad news. I am a goof. Okay, the very first thought as I open the Burb mailer;... Continue Reading →

SoFoBoMo after the fact

Having just completed my SoFoBoMo book it is probably a good time to reflect while the memories of this project are still fresh. So in very random order: Deciding to try this with film and scanning was a mistake for ME. My film processing, scanning and image processing work-flow is too slow. Digital work flow... Continue Reading →

Hasselblad mirror blues

While working on the film scans for my SoFoBoMo series, one tiny little thing kept dogging me, why was I getting some slight blurriness to my images. Not every image, but enough. Okay, way toooo many. This was another of those distracts that made me wonder, was I just producing crap in this 30 days and if... Continue Reading →

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