Book publishing update

While I was on out on assignment today, my updated book Places Amongst Us was delivered. As you might recall, I was disappointed with color of the first production proof, it was like they had put the entire book in a tonal compression chamber; the shadows were blocked and the highlights were blown.

It did not look good, but at least the image sharpening was right on;- )

So that is when Anita alerted me to the Blurb 7×7″ printing with the Xerox iGen3 and not the printer that I had profiled the color management for, which was the HP Indigo 5000. Yikes! But the saving grace was the availibity of the B3 group options, and being a charter member of, gave me access to. So I made the changes to the B3 “custom color managed” printing for the book profile and ordered a copy.

And the results? (I thought you would not ask): Right out of the mailer, I knew that I had made a good decision. The photographs did not look dead and dying, they had life. I had more detail in the shadows, the mid range tones was still the mid range tones and the details in the highlights were not lost. It now looks like a very nice book and complements the series that is in progress. I can actually recommend it now!

But not without one gripe. The book is stated to be 7×7″, but Blurb trims that down. The first book was trimed to 6-5/8 x 6-3/4″ with the printed pages still looking tight but good. This second book has shrunk a little more to 6-5/8 x 6-5/8″, which at least is square. But now the images inside are getting a little cramped but could be okay. If they also had not also lowered the contents inside the book down a 1/4″. Now all the page numbers are being clipped off the bottom of the page. Shesseee!

I had already decided that the 7×7″ book was too small and this just confirms it for me. This will be the last Blurb 7×7″ book that I will do unless I have some really small images that I want to float in a small book. As I continue on this series Places Amongst Us, expect to see it in a 10 x 8″ as a minimum next time.

Oh, and if you do a 7×7″ Blurb book, get the custom color managment option, at least you will not be disappointed by the color.

Best regards, Doug

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  1. Doug, I’m glad the color correction worked. You are learning a great deal about POD, that’s for certain. And, thanks to your generosity, I am getting an education without having to invest the money.

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