A POD Workshop in development

detail, Hutong Re:Development #17, 2008 copyright of Douglas Stockdale

I have been working off line with Laura Russel, 23 Sandy Gallery in Portland, OR, who asked if I would provide a Print on Demand (POD) photographic book workshop next Spring at her gallery. She has been the third person who has approached me about providing something like this, but the one who has been working with me to make it happen.

And so it appears that this will happen!

We have not worked out all the details yet, but it will be a one day workshop, probably something like 9am to 5pm, on a Sunday at her gallery. I had already created a workshop outline, but it needed just a little bit of tweaking. So now I am developing the finished workshop details. For my day job, I create and lead one day to full week technical workshops and seminars all over the country and in Europe. So this just seems routine to me.

The workshop will cover most of the basics of book design, preparing the photographs for uploading and the POD options. This is will be more about the basics, not specific to any of the POD companies or their software, such as Blurb or LuLu. But I will use some of their software templates and the such to help make a point. I don’t want this to be a software training class. Maybe a later workshop.

The same goes for the photographic preparations, such as color profiles, color management, output sharpening, sizing and cropping images using Photoshop CS3, I want to talk about what needs to be done, but not make this into a Photoshop software training course. A delicate balance, but I am guessing that there will probably be some detailed questions that will need to be addressed.

Perhaps this workshop will morp into a more advanced workshop later on, depending on the interest.

Meanwhile, on a related subject, I have been discussing with Paul Butzi about SoFoBoMo 2009, (and I guess that I was not the only one), and starting the process of getting prepared for the next soft season in the Spring.

Meanwhile, it appears that Laura will also be having a juried exhibit for self-published books (including POD) at her 23 Sandy Gallery and I hope to have more news about that shortly.

Best regards, Doug

BTW I have been thinking about a cover photo for the workshop and I have this detail from one of my triptychs that maybe might work.  What do you think?

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