Sharpening for POD printing

Just a quick update.

While I was preparing my workshop materials for the pending POD (Print on Demand) class in Portland, I was reviewing some of my earlier postings about creating a POD book. And then I received a call from Laura Russel about my book,  Sharpening Photographs for Blurb Printing.

You may not know that I wrote this entire book one Saturday last May while I was stressing out over my SoFoBoMo book project. But to Laura’s point; I had a ton of typos and grammatical errors. I could not agree more.

In fact, I had already completed a re-write, added some additional photos and even had a proof copy printed. But I had also miscalculated the optimal sharpening settings and had in fact gone off the edge into bad artifact-ville. Yuk. So I just left my re-write for another day.

And that “other day” was yesterday.

So I have been in high gear to finish the re-write of my second edition sharpening book. But I have also learned that my POD sharpening information for Blurb was equally applicable to most POD publishers and printing equipment.

Thus my “second” edition is going to be more generic to POD publishers in general, and not specific to just Blurb publishing. This will require a little bit more research, but should make this book a better sharpening book for more photographers who are thinking of POD publishing. nice.

Okay, now back to Chapter Two… ;- )

Best regards, Doug

Oh, and you can bet that I will announce when I have this book updated, published and available for sale.

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