UnCritical Mass acceptance

Urban Redevelopment #10, 2008, copyright of Douglas Stockdale

Well from the ashes of defeat, a really nice post-submission group exhibit.

I was “juried In” to the group exhibit, UnCritical Mass, by Liz Kuball, who also had an UnCritical Mass submission. And from a review of those of us that did not get pass the first cut, the judging must have been a really tough assignment, because just look at the awesome work by those who did not make it. You know what, I am equally honored to be in Liz’s group exhibit.

Since my project had developed into a series of triptychs, after not moving on in the Critical Mass process, my immediate reaction was to start down the path of self-doubt. Maybe I should have stayed with stand alone images, and then other “maybe’s” started to pop-up. From my previous experience of exhibiting a few of these triptychs, I realize that they are not an easy “read”.

I do understand that this is part of the process of creativity, developing work that may not be so easy to understand. To take a bold step forward, to pull something together that streches you, to not repeat past successes. Its emotional tough. And rejection is not fun. But that is also part of the creativity process, you may and most probably will get rejected. Especially if you are moving beyond your safety boundaries. Thus, I really enjoy Liz’s reaction, if you get lemons, make some lemonade!

And so, the triptychs are going to stay just like they are, and I will continue to search for an audience, and meanwhile I will keep working on new material. And continue to take chances;- )

Best regards, Doug

BTW, my photograph above was of two images that I sent the to Liz that she did not select for her group exhibit;- )

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