Sharpening photos for Xerox iGen3

Yesterday, I made a bad assumption. That the sharpening action that I had developed for the HP Indigo 5000 for Blurb printing was exclusively for the Blurb Indigo printer and did not apply to the Xerox iGen3 printer that Blurb utilizes for the 7″ x 7″ books. Duh!

The truth in the matter is that my Sharpening book seems to be applicable to almost any half-tone printer that is printing at 150 – 175 lpi. And both the Xerox iGen3 and the HP Indigo 5000 are operating in that zone. I just did the look up on the Xerox iGen3 to confirm that has the same printing resolution, which it does: 150 – 175 lpi, 600 x 600 dpi, 8 bit printer.

This morning, I started thinking about my assumption that my sharpening process was applicable only to the HP Indigo book printer. So I compared the same sharpened photo in my sharpening book to the same image printed in my 7×7″ Blurb book printed on the Xerxo iGen3 for Places Amongst Us. Both of the photographs with the same sharpening action were exactly the same!

Bad assumptions, Bad assumptions.

So now I am wondering if my sharpening book is also applicable to the other half-tone printed POD books? If they are set to print at 150 to 175 lpi, perhaps so.

Best regards, Doug

3 thoughts on “Sharpening photos for Xerox iGen3

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  1. If using pk sharpeners for BLURB books, I am wondering if it is best to use the OUTPUT HALFTONE SHARPENER 150/300 coated , or should it be the 175/350?

    Any thoughts welcome.

  2. Not having evaluated pks, I can say that the Blurb HP Indigo and the Xerox iGen3 are set for 175 lpi and coated paper. Blurb recommends a 300 dpi file, so I think either pks action is going to get you very close and a big differenc over not using any sharpening action.

    That said, I think that the 175/350 coated may be the better of the two as it in the closest alignment to the printer settings.

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