Sharpening photos 4 Blurb – v1.1 review

I just received my copy of the v1.1 for the changes that I anticpated making for the book Sharpening Photographs for Blurb Printing. And this confirms again wy is better to go with an initial private printing before going public!

Because I missed the mark with v1.1 and actually my first version is about right on for the neccessary sharpening action needed for Blurb printing;- )

Okay, now the details. If you recall, when I was reviewing my first printed copy of my book, I started to think that a little stronger sharpening action could be used, specificly increasing the USM Amount from the 100% to 200%. In retrospect, that increase was just enough to start to allow some of the oversharpening effects actual come through on the printed page as I could see in my v1.1 book.

To make sure that I was not over reacting, I laid the two printed versions and the corresponding photographs next to each other. My example of the photograph that was not sharpen for Blurb printing was exactly the same in both books, for both the digital and film scan images. So the base line was good. And the examples of the sharpening actions were not changed and they also were the same. So I could then evaluate just the two final output sharpening actions.

For the film scan image, the 200% Amount was creating some oversharpening effect was just starting to show with some very slight white artifacts (ghosting) showing on the edge of a few parts of the printed image. Since basic USM sharpening also increase image contrast a small amount, the highlights started to blow out. I pulled out my trusty little 10x loop to verify this.

The same was true with the digital image with the Amount change from 100% to 200%, but surprisingly, the oversharpening effect was showing up even more than the film image.

My new examples in the v1.1 that I had really incresed the USM actions to illustrate the effects of oversharpening were very obvious with regard to the amount of white shadowing and other white artifacts that appear. Point made. You can over sharpen your photographs for Blurb book printing.

So the v1.1 is not going to go public and in fact I will delete it off of Blurb shortly. There are some corrections that I made with v1.1 that I could incorportate in an update, but I think that it may not be neccessary at this time. The big issue is that this book and recommended sharpeing actions are meant for any Blurb book being printed with the HP Indigo 5000 and does not apply to the 7×7″ printed on the Xerox iGen3. And I do not want to develop a sharpening book for the iGen3 either, as I do not like that printer now. So I will clarify that in my Blurb on-line ad for this book.

So now I will go back and add some updates on my previous posts regarding the potential of increasing the USM amount to 200%.

Thanks to all of you who have been providing me with input and comments to help discover the best results for sharpening photographs for the Blurb book printing!

Best regards, Doug

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