Places Amongst Us – Blurb printer changed

Places Amongst Us” SoFoBoMo series by Douglas Stockdale

First, kudos to Anita for tipping me off that there is a differenct printer used by Blurb for the 7 x 7″ square books than their other larger books. I did not know!

But this dog can hunt;- )

So here is the scoop. Only the 7 x 7″ Blurb square book is printed on the Xerox iGen3, all of the others are on the HP Indigo 5000, a toner-based and calibrateable printer. Also the HP Indigo is a more consistent and better color managed printer, even without the Blurb “custom workflow”, from my very brief experience.

But there is hope; the 7 x 7″ Blurb book can be printed on the HP Indigo as a “custom workflow” available through the B3 (Blurb Business to Business) program, which I am fortunate to have been an invited charter member. And of course, use of the custom workflow includes a little more cost to use. For my page count (under 80), the additional cost was $5.00 per book to have the custome workflow applied.

Which I just did. Now this book will be sold with the custom workflow and printed on the HP Indigo. I don’t know if others have the Blurb “custom work” flow option for their 7 x 7″ books, but it should make a difference with the availablility of the HP Indigo printer.

The book is now under $30.00 without tax and shipping (in the US), but it should look a lot better. (Sorry Guy for not catching this sooner!). So I guess I now need to order another for myself and see the difference.

And I can wait on spending any time analizying why my 7×7″ book has such awful color shifts.

Best regards, Doug

PS has anyone noticed that WordPress has been changing how the large images in the post display??


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  1. $5.00 for that custom workflow sounds reasonable. I’m sorry I was out and didn’t keep up with your request for a link to that info. (Ha! Like I could have found it again.) I had forgotten that you could pay for that option, so I am the one getting a tip now. I just wish I could get past not caring for the Blurb paper stock. Obviously, it’s a matter of taste, since everyone else if fine with it.

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