Spotting prints

Odd, I can have no quams about spending an hour or two spotting a print, but I look for every excuse in the book to avoid manualing loading data in a spreadsheet. Both are vary repitious tasks, one I find very boring and the other almost a zen like delight.

I know that it is probably a lot to do with my own attitude & perception. Spotting for me is enjoyable, Out dust spot, Out! And the results are a nice, clean photograph, which I will enjoy even more with the spots be-gone applied.

The other is work, even when I chart the data into some interestng graphs and create some interesting technical “stories”. I suppose that I would rather being spotting images and I now have to enter data, not spot photographs. Sigh.

Back to entering data again.

Best regards, Doug

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  1. I, too, am interested in this quirk. Two tasks can be so similar in basic nature, yet I will find one “zen-like”, as you said, and the other loathesome. Personally, getting rid of the those nasty dust spots does’t make it to my zen category, but it’s very personal isn’t it. I hope this self-cleaning sensor for the 40D delivers on the hype. As one who has been chicken about cleaning a sensor, I can say this feature is made for people like me.

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