SoFoBoMo after the fact

Having just completed my SoFoBoMo book it is probably a good time to reflect while the memories of this project are still fresh. So in very random order:

Deciding to try this with film and scanning was a mistake for ME. My film processing, scanning and image processing work-flow is too slow. Digital work flow in this short time frame is a better fit.

I like to spend more time looking and thinking and reflecting on how the photographs and images are progressing for a project. The good news about this series is that it is one that I have been thinking about for some time, including looking at this neighborhood before. So choosing something accessible and familiar was a good idea.

I still do not feel that I had enough time to put together the best pairing or sequencing of the images. There are some pairings that did come together wonderful well and work off each other in a delightful way. I am not sure that I want to have the images directly adjacent and touching each other as Martin Doonan did for his project, but his combination photographs have me thinking about the alternatives and implications. Martin’s combination photographs create a larger context for me than each individual image does on its own. Yes the 1+1=3 or 4 or 5 effect. Nice.

I do not recommend taking on two books in the same month. My excuse is that I am slightly crazy, and driven by the mother of invention. I was not going to proceed with another Blurb book without figuring out a process that was going to solve my crappy output, e.g. unsharpened images. And since this second how-to book used one new image made in May but I created 45 variations, I feel it really does not qualify for SoFoBoMo. So my Blurb book Sharpening Photographs for Blurb Printingis not going on the project list. Not unless there is a new catagory of creating a photography book in thirty days that is over 35 pages long;- )

Although I am not entirely happy with the outcome, I am okay with taking this on. As always, I seem to learn something about myself as well as about photography, and the process of looking and seeing. And I find that as I go by this neighborhood again, I see more that I now want to photograph. So perhaps this book is really a good project proposal? Food for thought, eh?

Best regards, Doug

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