Waiting for the studio furniture

When we decided to put new flooring down in the studio, we also realized that we needed more individual working space. So we ordered some more furniture, which meant that everything did not go back into place after we had the new flooring installed. Because why load things into the existing stuff that is going to be replaced, then have to pack it again out of the old furniture and then reload it again into the new furniture? So I am in a bit of a holding pattern.

Thus the limited edition book of In Passing that I am developing for photo-eye has not progressed beyond the conceptual stage, but I am going to order some sample parts today and see if I can get this design finished. Otherwise it will be the end of July before I am done.

AND I have not worked on my photo project Insomnia for at least two weeks (or more). I know that the last image I worked on needs to go back into PhotoShop and for additional image tweaking to work with the book’s full bleed layout design.

Which means no SoFoBoMo this year. So instead of working on a SoFoBoMo project, I am instead reading other photobooks and writing reviews. At least that has not been a major disruption during this studio re-work. Well, at least it wasn’t until I could not find the book that I had started to review when the whole studio redesign started. That was a bit maddening, so I had switched gears to another book until I finally found the first one. sigh.

Now I am doing some Facebook development, and I am not sure how all of that will turn out. I have only started to dabble with Facebook, so I have a learning curve to come up to speed. But what I understand, Facebook is like a blog (this), but now I have more specific people that I are sharing it with. Will Facebook take the place of this blog? At this point, I am not sure, but when I am back on a roll working on my own photographic projects, I think that this blog will be the place for it. While working on background issues for the The PhotoBook, that might end up on Facebook, and publish the photobook reviews on The PhotoBook blog.

So I will see how things develop.

Best regards, Doug

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