AwayStation revised


AwayStation from the series Insomnia: Hotel Noir

Well after a little too long of a hiatus, I have found my Insomnia files that seemed to have been crawling around in the garage during the studio re-model. Well, I could not find them, and I certainly would know where I had stored them, eh?

I think the kick in the pants to sort through the piles of boxes (yes, the studio is still in a bit of chaos) was the interview I in the middle of with Darius Himes, the lead judge for Blurb’s Photography.Book.Now, that I will be publishing on The PhotoBook in the next couple days.  The submission deadline of July 16th is rapidly approaching. Yikes.

And I still have five images to finish prepping. sigh.

So where did I leave off? The photograph of the AwayStation (above) when I initially prepared it for the Blurb software template as a full bleed image, had some edge content that was at risk for Blurb’s 1/8″ possible trimmingprocess. I had some alternatives to make the neccessary adjustment, but decided on adding some canvas with Photoshop for the sky in the original file.  Since the sky is an inky black, this just seemed the easiest fix. So more sky, similar crop and now I have preserved some edge details that I would like to keep. nice.

So I am making some progress. The question is, am I going to finish the development of Insomnia in time to have one copied ordered & delivered for a final press check before I submit to Blurb’s book contest? I think that it will be very tight, as I should order it this coming weekend, which is the 4th of July holiday.

Best regards, Doug

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