Insomnia – Blurb book almost complete


SideGate from the series Insomnia: Hotel Noir

It looks like I should be able to make the July 15th deadline for my Blurb book submission, as I just loaded this photograph, SideGate, as a full bleed image into my Booksmart page.

That leaves just one more photograph to go, and I have already completed most of the fine tune tweaking for it. And I just may have to let the photobook reviews drift a little bit, having just published Roger Ballen’s Boarding House on The PhotoBook. Next photobook review in line is David Maisel’s Library of Dust.

So now I need to get into the final editing in preparation of uploading it to Blurb. Also thinking that Insomnia will be available on the Blurb bookstore both as softcover and hardcover in the large 11 x 13″ size. At this point, it is probably getting to  where I need to convert the reporting of this project to the blog that I set up for Insomnia, at

Now, I set this book specific blog up, trying to follow my own advice on what to do in order to promote your own book. So I will soon seems what happens, eh?

Okay, then what do I write about here? Probably the other odds and ends stuff that comes up, and guess what? Once I complete this project, clear the decks, it is time to start working on my next project!

Wish I knew which one that will be…..but I still have a couple of weeks, eh?

Best regards, Doug


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