New Year Goals – 2009


At the beginning of the year, it seems like it is always a nice idea to think ahead about what you might want to try to accomplish and establish some goals. Being a project guy, I find if you have at least a idea of where you want to go, you usually have a better chance of getting there.

But first, how did 2008 meet my goals for the year.

The biggie was getting my series In Passing published in LensWork magazine last January, which was a huge validation of what I was trying to accomplish. Next was getting In Passing published in a book, with a false start as an intermediate size softbound Blurb book, but getting it right with the second edition, with an imagewrap cover, large format, hardcover by the end of the year. I would like to have the series in an exhibition, but that is probably a roll-over goal for 2009.

The big unexpected event for 2008 was probably the participation in SoFoBoMo with the publication of my series as a Blurb softcover book, Places Amongst Us. Although that book is now out of print, I did learn a lot from it, and the series is still quietly in development. The bigger surprise for SoFoBoMowas the publication of a second book during the event, my POD Sharpening book, a technical how-to, which was a child of necessity. Yep, I am an engineer, and I did not like the initial soft printing of the POD process and I was resolved to figure out a fix. Now I have published the second edition of the Sharpening for POD publishing. Nice. And SoFoBoMo 2009 is now soon upon us, so I need to decide if I put that on my agenda.

One of the nice things to develop in 2008 is the pending workshop on how to develop a Photographic POD Book in conjunction with the 23 Sandy Gallery in Portland next March 15th. That has now been formally announced and the link to the workshop is here.

I had the chance for one last trip to China last year for another three weeks, during which I finally start to connect visually with what I was experiencing. And I was fortunate to have a freak snow storm occur just before leaving, which added another visual dimension to my experience. Wonderful. Although I have spent most of the year developing the subsequent series or two from China, I am learning more about myself. The Critical Mass rejection of my series Re:Development was a disappointment, but again, I learned a lot from that experience as well, and make some new acquaintances in the process.

I also started three new blogs, what was I thinking?? The first was easiest, just to publish about what exhibitions and events about the group of us photographers (the Photographers Exchange) who meet monthly at the Irvine Fine Art Center, Irvine, CA. The meeting is open, at 6:30 p.m., third Thursday of each month, so if you are in the area, drop in or leave me a comment for more information. We show prints, talk about photographs & the reasons behind them, exhibitions and there is absolutely no judging. So if you need a ribbon or gold star, this is NOT the place for you. I also started the Photo Exhibit, more below, and the The Photo Book, which I am enjoying and plan to keep blogging about.

2008 was also the time spent doing this, blogging my thoughts and images, subsequently developing some closer relationships with a lot of folks that I would not have otherwise met. And someday, I might have the chance to meet some of you in person.

But okay, so what about 2009?

Well, I have hinted at a couple of items already; exhibiting In Passing, continuing the development of Re:Development and another series from China, participation in SoFoBoMo 2009 (only ONE book this time), and leading the one-day workshop at the 23 Sandy Gallery.

I hope to attend the Photo l.a. in a couple of weeks, maybe get up to Photo s.f. later in the year, and the Palm Springs Photo Festivalat the end of March. Those events will also be additional blogged about in a couple of other ventures I started in 2008, The Photo Book and Photo Exhibit.  FYI, the Photo Exhibit is now a collaborative publication and if you are interested in becoming a regional photographic exhibition reviewer, check it out and then let me know your interest.

And to continue photographing, developing my series into books, prints, exhibitions and publications. Taking it one day at a time, appreciating what I have and who I share it with. I hope to continue with the Photographic POD Book workshops and I am receiving some more interest in other workshop venues, so if you have or know of an opportunity, please let me know.

So like the photograph with this post, there are some dark (economic) clouds out there and they do have a slightly silver linning(okay, lets go with “making lemonaid from lemons” analogy), but the sun is shinning through (yes, I take that to symbolize Hope), and in the back ground you can see the blue sky. The water is calm at the moment, hopefully not the calm before the storm, but peaceful and reflective.

Best regards, Doug


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