In Passing – Blurb 2nd Edition Tweaks

After I had recevied my first copy of the Second Edition In Passing, I realized that I had missed a formatting mistake on one page. So then I had to decide, do I want to correct the mistake and reload it back up to Blurb which will result in getting a new locator number or not.

I am probably the only person who is going to notice the subtle error, which is having a page number on the same page as the image, while all of the other image pages do not have the page number. Pro and con, pro and con.

Then I decided that one of the really fine aspects of the whole print on demand thing is so that you can quickly make changes if you missed something. And not have to live with 1,000 copies of my mistake.

So I made the correction to the page. And then I went through my first copy, now a proof copy or artist proof (A/P) and decided if there were any other tweaks that I would like to make. So I did; I down sized the photographic titles from a 16 pt font to a 12 point font and I increased the font size of the book title on the spine.

So I deleted the first production proof  of the Second Edtion off Blurb and uploaded the final version. And I was immeadately assigned a new locator number for the book. darn.

And I had a chance to air my issues with the folks at Blurb regarding that fact that in doing this (making corrections and reloading the file), I lost any potential links due to the new locator number that was assigned for my second edition changes. I would like the option that if after reviewing the first printed book, you can make some changes and reload the book file and use the same book locator number.

And so now on to other things….

Best regards, Doug


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  1. yeah, I’ve mentioned that to them as well. I really think that if they change it, the overall quality of their books will increase drastically. I can’t conceive of many projects that are perfect on first draft.

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