Happy Holidays


Untitled, 2008 by Douglas Stockdale

I hope that you all are having a nice holiday season, as those that celebrate the New Year in a couple of days, the very best for your New Year. Don’t forget to take it one day at a time.

I have been recharging my batteries and taking some time with my family. We celebrate Christmas, but this year was totally about time with the family. No new camera equipment or similar stuff, but just some time to appreciate each other.

I did find myself with my mind wondering, and in that openness, I came across some phenomena that was extremely visually interesting out on the ocean. So I started to explore it, so far mostly capturing the photographs. So I hope to spend some more time over the next couple of weeks tweaking some of the images, such as the one above, to further explore the light, color and patterns. It reminds me of some of my near abstract acrylic paintings that I was working on in the late 1980’s.

Best regards, Doug


One thought on “Happy Holidays

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  1. I’ve come back to this picture a couple of times now. I really enjoy the movement and tones. Something about that icy green/blue water and dark framing bottom.

    Always enjoyed pictures of water myself.

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