SoFoBoMo 2009

The fuzzy month for SoFoBoMo 2009 have been selected, which will allow for the 30 days of maddness to occur between the begining of May until the end of June, 2009.

So I have some time to think if I will join in this year, probably depending on a suitable series that has my attention at the time. My one big lesson learned from the first SoFoBoMo 2008 is not to try it with film and your local professional processing house.  Especially if need to allow for about 4 hours of digital spotting per photograph for after I scan it. Oh, yes, and for the three hours to scan each negative. Yikes, was that stressful, and then have to bailout with the digital.

With the amount of Blurb books that I have been working on, the book development is not that daunting at the moment. I just need to remember to keep my text limited. And to remember that during the fuzzy period that I need to develop a second how-to book because I am trying to work out some technical issues. I hope that those issues are now behind me.

But last years series for SoFoBoMo, which was created close to home, did connect for me. So I think that I will explore that idea for a while.

Best regards, Doug

BTW, as these and other SoFoBoMo thoughts are published, I will try to remember to link them on the right in the SoFoBoMo catagory archive.

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