Dec 13 2008


momentarily untitled, JiaShan, China 2008 by Douglas Stockdale

At the moment, I just seem to be floating. Probably a little spent, having just published the second editions of both of my current books, In Passing and Sharpening Photographs for POD Publishing. Perhaps feeling that same kind of let down after SoFoBoMo 2008. Not that I had anticipated publishing the second edition so soon, but the Sharpening book had a bunch of grammar, sequencing and other updates needed. (UPDATE: I just noted that my first edition Sharpening book had received Blurb’s Staff Pick designation, which is the best endorsement that Blurb provides for the books they publish, so I hope the second edition receives a similar endorsement)

For In Passing, it was a realization that my first edition was not up to its full potential, some photographs needed a major overhaul, tighter editing, better paper to utilize and improve the overall design. But now hopefully done with both for a while.

I also realize that I am again, a little overextended in my writings. So my blog Photo Exhibit is now “on holiday”. Rather than this blog be just my reviews, I am thinking about opening it up to other bloggers who would like to contribute reviews of photographic gallery exhibits in their regions. But the fact is, I don’t have the time to get out to the various galleries to eyeball them and write a succinct review. So good idea, but flawed in my ability to execute. But I will keep my options open until after the first of the year before I pull the plug on it. So anyone interested in becoming a gallery reviewer and become part of the unpaid editorial team?

Yes, today is my day to ramble along on what suits me.

So far, I am enjoying the writing of my other new blog The Photo Book. The logistics are much better, I can obtain the books locally or they are delivered to me. Then a matter of reading, reflecting and writing. A win-win-win situation;- )

Last, I am now reviewing all of my photographs from China now that I am reconsidering my project Re:Development. And just because an image seems to work with a triptych does not mean it will work as a single image. So the whole series is in flux and reconsideration. Since I had cropped all of the images into squares to work with the triptych concept, I am now reviewing each image to determine which should take advantage of the entire frame or stay cropped.

At the moment, the image above seems to work better cropped, while the image I posted a couple of days ago, here, just has to be horizontal to take full advantage of that landscape, as the cropped version was totally unusable. Yes, my opinion, but today, that’s what counts.

For me, the photograph above is symbolic for me of the Chinese people in their society and culture. Thus I use these symbols to represent the presence of the unseen but every present Chinese people in China. So I need to explore that concept a little further. But that no doubt means that I am imbuing the photographs with some latent meaning, which is another consideration to evaluate.

Ah, if it is not one thing, it is another.

Best regards, Doug

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