In Passing – project title change

While finishing the artist proof for my next Edition Folio and thinking about a Blurb book for the series Bad Trip – Sad Trip, I am now rethinking the title for the series. When the series was published in LensWork, they gave the body of work the title of In Passing. Okay, that was a surprise when I open the pages to that issue of LensWork the first time, as I had thought that they would use the title I gave it;- )

But I am finding that I like the LensWork title. In Passing has a great double meaning, and I like that it works on a number of levels.  My original title leans a little too much to a negative conentation, eh? So I did a quick check with Maureen and Brooks, and it is no problems with them if I continue to use the title. very nice.

So something else to ponder as I work on the next phase of this series. Also some more thought about how I come up with the working titles for my series. I do find that over time I seem to grow so attached to the names I choose that I probably loose some flexibility to find other expressive options.

Best regards, Doug

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  1. After thinking about it bit, I agree with you. My first reaction was disappointment. Likewise, I had been disappointed by the title in LenWork. I, too, had become attached to that title and it always flits through my mind when I see those memorials now. Still, your analysis here makes good sense and the double meaning is seductive. I may always think “Bad Trip-Sad Trip” when I spot a memorial, but “In Passing” has its merits.

    It sounds as if you are pretty committed to Blurb.

  2. Interesting that they would rename the title of your work. Editor’s prerogative, I guess.

    That said, I, like you, like “In Passing” better. As you said, it has a dual meaning and seems to fit better.

    Congratulations, again, on getting published.

  3. Thanks for the positive feedback on the change, it is very much appreciated! I am very concerned about spending a year using one title and then changing it. So I may use my title as a sub-title…

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