LensWork, issue 74, Jan/Feb 2008

Halloween Costume

Ok, so what about LensWork, issue 74, to be published January/February 2008?  Because that is going to be the issue that my series Bad Trip – Sad Trip (subsequently titled In Passing) is going to be published in!!

I received notification from LensWork earlier this week while I was in JiaXing. I have scheduled the interview with Brooks for early next week to develop the podpcast. So more details to follow…

Best regards, Doug

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  1. Hi Doug,
    Will you be published in the printed edition, or in the Extended edition only? If it is the printed edition I’m looking forward to seeing it on paper.

  2. The series is going to be published in the printed edition and the full series will be in the CD as well as the audio from Brooks interview.

  3. Oh, by the way, how’s the progress on your hand made book project. I know you’ve been away and obviously you havent worked on it for a while, but are you still serious about making it?

  4. Kjell, thanks for asking, and yes, I am absolutely moving ahead with the hand made book. I have a short term goal of finishing the inital folio book dummy for Photo LA that is occuring here locally in mid-January. Then I hope to print and have bound the first Artist Proof (A?P) by March for the Palm Springs Photo Festival (California).

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