Travel log: Now I’m Home

West Lake - Water taxi

Well, now I am at home from this three week trip.  Nice.  I do feel upside down at the moment, since I am essentially on China time with its 9 hour difference.  Not so nice, but this to will pass.  But then I am greeted with a restart on my main computer due to some F’ing ‘automatic’ updates, which resets my computer and I can’t ‘see’ my network.  And I can not think straight at the moment as to what I am suppose to do to correct it.  Yes, I am not a happy camper.  grrrrrr.

Okay, that was kinda of therapeutic.  It was my intent to move all of my images to my main computer and use that system with the calibrated monitor before posting any more images.  So I will post this one in the mean time and hope to have better luck later in the day.  So, there is a chance that I may pull this image down and reload it again after I see what it really looks like.  I think that with my portable, I do get a close approximation;- )

Okay, enough for now, I have some unpacking and other stuff to do.  And find some coffee.  Lots of coffee.

Oh, as to this image, I made it at on the shore of West Lake, which is located in Hangzhou, about an hour and half south of JiaXing, thus about two and half hours Southwest of Shanghai.

Best regards, Doug

2 thoughts on “Travel log: Now I’m Home

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  1. I enjoyed seeing this picture. The tonal distribution is altogether satisfying while also serving the narrative. I think it’s an exemplary exploitation of monotone.

  2. BJ, thanks, I have found myself enjoying this image, as it recalls a peaceful early afternoon stroll along West Lake.

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