In Passing – an Aftermath project

CA-241 Tollroad, Coto de Coza, California Copyright 2011 Douglas Stockdale

Some may call it serendipity, while Christians would say that this is the quiet voice of the Lord, but an odd chain of events started this last Saturday when I received a unsolicted photobook, Afterwards, edited by Nathalie Herschdorfer,  for a potential review on my blog The PhotoBook. As I stated in my review, I am not usually as interested in broad surveys that try to capture thematic concepts. But there was something about this particular subject and the photographers who participated that did ensnare my interest.

And I am glad that I did give it some consideration, as the broad range of projects that attempt to redefine the aftermath of a traumatic event, or as stated by Pascal Vrticka “to show human suffering indirectly through images displaying the aftermath of chaos rather than chaos itself“, lines up perfectly with my earlier In Passing project. I will be returning to this book’s essays very soon, probably after the dust settles with the current events of publishing my book Ciociaria.

One concern that I had with my project In Passing was the subjectivity of the photographs when displayed in color, thus I have converted all of the images to black and white, first with a warm hue and most recently to a more documentary straight black and white. Looking at the various projects in Afterwards that are illustrated with color photographs has captured my curiosity, such that I am now creating color JPEGs of all of the photographs of In Passing for further reevaluation (I don’t think Edward Weston could pull that feat off!). I just need more time to complete the color conversions than I have right now.

So more about this re-development later, eh?

Best regards, Doug


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