Sea Palm I – Prismacolor over solar cyanotype

Sea Palm I, solar cyanotype with Prismacolor pencil copyright 2023 Douglas Stockdale - At the beginning of the year, I had decided to hand color one of my Sea Palm I solar cyanotype prints. Which at the time, I had thought was a one-time event. Apparently not. LoL. When I was experimenting with hand coating... Continue Reading →

California Sycamore – spring 2023

California Sycamore, Spring 2023 copyright Douglas Stockdale - At the moment I have a bunch of things going on; working on a new cyanotype printing process which I hope to discuss in early April (still need a few more sunny days for solar cyanotype printing), continuing my walks in the adjacent wilderness park (wonderful combination... Continue Reading →

Pre-coated Cyanotype – The Cyanotype Store

Wo Zhi KanKan (I am just looking), (JiaShan, January 2008 #2829) 2023 copyright Douglas Stockdale - When I had decided to experiment with Cyanotypes last October as an alternative photographic process, I wanted to test the waters with a very minimum investment in equipment, facilities and processes. Especially since I was considering Cyanotypes as the... Continue Reading →

Wet Spring & Budding Sycamore

Sycamore, Spring, Trabuco Arroyo 2023 copyright Douglas Stockdale - Another study of a 'lazy' Sycamore tree found in the adjacent Trabuco Arroyo, part of the O'Neill Wilderness park. I find these trees fascinating with the complex layering resulting from how the large limbs droop to the ground, which then extend further outward each spring. Also... Continue Reading →

Eugene Atget – Parc Saint-Cloud

Parc Saint-Cloud, Vase and Staircase copyright 2010 Douglas Stockdale - I am back thinking about Eugene Atget again while re-examining the photographs I made over two days some 10+ years ago while walking Parc Saint-Cloud. As I had wrote previously about these two days, I had been doing my best to think about the photographs... Continue Reading →

In Passing: Lest I Forget

‘Randy‘ Nevada Route 157 (In Passing: Lest I Forget #1954) solar cyanotype + Prismacolor pencil, copyright 2007/2023 Douglas Stockdale – While writing about my earlier series of roadside memorials, I recalled that I had yet another name for this series, Lest I Forget, which is written on one of the memorials I found while driving in Nevada. I... Continue Reading →

In Passing – Cyanotype prints

'Forlon' Texas Highway 46 (In Passing: Lest I Forget #002) solar cyanotype + Prismacolor pencil, copyright 2006/2023 Douglas Stockdale - With the development and interest in printing cyanotypes, part of my new dilemma was what to print with this intriguing method? Obvious answer; what not to print?? On my short list was my earlier series... Continue Reading →


Surf-Rider II, Cyanotype, copyright 2012 Douglas Stockdale – Yesterday I wrote that I had worked all of the bugs out of my solar cyanotype printing process and that might ALMOST be the whole truth. That solar cyanotype that I featured was very much on the darker side, a ton of stuff going on in the shadows. After... Continue Reading →

My Cyanotype printing process confirmed

Insomnia, Cyanotype, copyright 2012 Douglas Stockdale – Yesterday as I stated in my post, I printed a cyanotype, above, that confirms that I have my solar cyanotype printing process in a predictable amount of control. I liken this to my earlier zone system work when I was trying to have a film exposure-development combination that allowed me... Continue Reading →

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