Diary; August 11th 2020 – Not in the Critical Mass 200 (this year)

Hello... I know that it is always a let down to receive these types of emails, but please remember that the jurors’ opinions are entirely subjective. We know you have worked hard on this body of work and we want to encourage you to keep putting it out there and making work that matters to you.... Continue Reading →

Military munitions may be present…

At the start of this year everybody in my neighborhood received an ominous packet from the Department of the Army, Los Angeles District of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. The letter from the U.S. Army, as well as the enclosed pamphlet, were printed in both English as well as Spanish reminding everyone that we... Continue Reading →

Gardening For Ordnance – Solo exhibition

I am very excited to announce that after a gestation period of about 10 years, my project Gardening For Ordnance is a featured solo exhibition by Fabrik Projects (Los Angeles), a virtual & exclusive exhibition available for a short time on Artsy.net! Gardening for Ordnance examines how a distant war that occurred 70 years ago can... Continue Reading →

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