Untitled (Camouflage) expired 120 film, solar cyanotype, 2023 copyright Douglas Stockdale - Camouflage is used by the military with any combination of materials, coloration, or illumination for concealment. Also it is a process to hide by making objects hard to see, or disguising them as something else, to blend into the surroundings. A continuation of my... Continue Reading →

Earth Day – Every Day

Sycamore, Spring, Trabuco Arroyo, copyright 2023 Douglas Stockdale Earth Day is today! A great reminder to be aware of the environment and climate change. Nevertheless, as I state on my IG account and usually sign-off on my blog articles, we need to make every day an Earth Day, not just try to do be environmentally... Continue Reading →

Keeping Art rejections in perspective

Abandoned, NV Route 157 (Roadside Remembrance #1937), solar Cyanotype + Prismacolor, copyright 2012 Douglas Stockdale – Perhaps as many artist and photographers do, I will enter calls for art, aka juried art exhibitions, to see if I can obtain some additional interest in my artwork. Most recently, I have been started to submit my recent cyanotype prints... Continue Reading →


Surf-Rider II, Cyanotype, copyright 2012 Douglas Stockdale – Yesterday I wrote that I had worked all of the bugs out of my solar cyanotype printing process and that might ALMOST be the whole truth. That solar cyanotype that I featured was very much on the darker side, a ton of stuff going on in the shadows. After... Continue Reading →

My Cyanotype printing process confirmed

Insomnia, Cyanotype, copyright 2012 Douglas Stockdale – Yesterday as I stated in my post, I printed a cyanotype, above, that confirms that I have my solar cyanotype printing process in a predictable amount of control. I liken this to my earlier zone system work when I was trying to have a film exposure-development combination that allowed me... Continue Reading →

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