Hongqiao nightscape – a second look

Hongqaio, night copyright Douglas Stockdale 2008 Sometimes I find that I get into a mode in which I assume what I see is what is 'really' there versus paying attention to what is actually there. Case in point is the night landscape, above, that I made many years ago in China and for some dang... Continue Reading →

China rough edit completed

I am a bit compulsive and even when I have few other things to do, I still deferred to work on the rough edit of this body of work. Which is now done. Whew! So the final tally is 190 photographs winnowed down from the original 4,000 photographs I made while in China. Not all... Continue Reading →

TechTransfer riffs

In my last update about my TechTransfer project I had discussed how this project was continuing to evolve. At that time I had converted 108 images to Black & White, and now I am up to 160 converted photographs. Musically I can sense a number of different riffs on this body of work so I... Continue Reading →


A status report on the progress of my TechTransfer project that I discussed in my last post while considering an extensive body of photographic work I had created earlier in China. First, I am becoming more comfortable with the working title TechTransfer, which still might morph to one of my earlier names that I was... Continue Reading →

Technology Transfer

After writing my opinion article about China's sterile garment manufacturing, I found it was also a time to pause and think about the body of work I created while assisting with the operational Technology Transfer (aka TechTransfer) in China. And then even broader consideration as to the various technology transfers I have worked (and photographed)... Continue Reading →

Listening to the heart

After writing yesterday about the balance of hand-head-heart in my work, I realize that I may be way too head-strong. With that I also imply I may be too left side brainy, which is the analytical and verbal side of our brain. I don't know, perhaps a guy thing or maybe tooo much an engineer. The right... Continue Reading →

Working the process

While I was putting the finishing touches of the sofbound version of In Passing, I continued to concurrently work my project development process for my China photographs. Over the weekend, I started the development of the artist statements (book introductions) for the three distinct projects coming out of my China experience. I also identifed three buckets (file folders) to move my... Continue Reading →

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