Winter Field – Roadside Remembrance Memorial

Winter Field, Indiana State Route 30 copyright Douglas Stockdale 2007 & text copyright Brooks Jensen, publisher, LensWork magazine This is published on the blog LensWork Daily "Looking at Images" by Brooks Jensen This image comes from a portfolio that consists of photographs of roadside memorials and crosses, each a marker indicating a sad story. I love... Continue Reading →

Duality of Roadside memorials

A-1, Colloferro, Italy copyright Douglas Stockdale 2012 Initially I visualized this project in black & white. I have come to understand that this Roadside Remembrance Memorial series transcends a greater subject, one that in a way haunts me. Memory and its preservation. These are something that is inspired by a tragic accident that usually took the life of someone too soon and... Continue Reading →

Oregon – Roadside Remembrances

Oregon State Route 26 copyright 2011 Douglas Stockdale We made a very long weekend out of this past weekend, driving up from Southern California to Portland. Enroute on Interstate-5, I made a mental note of the absence of roadside remembrance memorials in California and the plethora of them as we crossed the border into Oregon. Initially I intended... Continue Reading →

Fragility of our existence

I am working on the photographs from my Roadside Remembrance Memorials series and I find myself thinking about the essence of these various sites. The way things are progressing I have completed a major redo of a half dozen images from the series and I will probably also re-publish my Blurb book-dummy as well. That being... Continue Reading →

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