Lenscratch interview

Wonderful Thanksgiving holiday weekend surprise being featured on Lenscratch. I was interviewed by Kassandra Eller in regard to the publication of my artist book, The Flow of Light Brushes the Shadow. The interview can be found here. I believe that this is the fourth time I have been featured on Lenscratch, so a big shout-out... Continue Reading →

Developing a storytelling context

While working on my Instant Nomad series, I felt that I needed to introduce a bit more 'environmental' context for this story, that this could be about a business (professional) person who is traveling and the resulting anxiety that occurs. Although I find more individuals are bring their portable computer even while on a holiday.... Continue Reading →

Thinking about blue

While working on my book-dummy for Instant Nomad, I found myself thinking about the color blue, perhaps in part because I am in a bit of blue mood. Initially I was considering a middle gray for the endpapers to hold the hard covers on and I now find myself rethinking this design element. So I... Continue Reading →

The Staged Photograph

Instant Nomad #2548, copyright Douglas Stockdale A recent call for photographs by the SouthEast Center for Photography in which the theme was The Staged Photograph triggered a recall of the photographs I had created for my series Instant Nomad. This is one of those projects that I have thought about on and off for a... Continue Reading →

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