The Unassuming Photobook on Jörg Colberg’s Conscientious

A very pleasant surprise this morning from Jörg Colberg who included a discussion of my artist book, The Flow of light Brushes the Shadow, along with two other publishers, Craig Atkinson’s Café Royal Books (UK) and my buddy Clint Woodside's Deadbeat Club Press (also Southern California) in his article The Unassuming Photobook on his photoblog Conscientious... Continue Reading →

Book review on PhotoBook Journal

PhotoBook Journal; artist book review Wow, I was really blown away by the review of my artist book by Rudy Vega that was published yesterday on PhotoBook Journal. His introduction: In The Flow of Light Brushes the Shadow, Douglas Stockdale has produced an artist book which sets out to visually articulate his anxiety felt as a... Continue Reading →

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