New Adventure for 2017: Video

Untitled (Middle Ground) copyright 2016 Douglas Stockdale Something that has not really captured my attention for some time is working with video. I am of that generation in which movies were made with super-8mm film, a real bear to edit (actually had to physically splice the film together) and trying to add sound was an... Continue Reading →

Memory pods – 9-12-16 negative #8

Untitled (September 12, 2016 Portra 160 Negative #8) 2016 copyright Douglas Stockdale I just finished scanning this negative from my Memory Pods project. For this photograph, my subject is just barely out of focus. I have determined that this negative in conjunction with two others from this same studio session might create an interesting triptych,... Continue Reading →

On the scanner: 09-04-16 negative 12

Untitled (Memory Pods project) copyright 2016 Douglas Stockdale Cooking on the Nikon film scanner is negative #12 from my September 4th studio session working on my Memory Pods project. Hasselblad & 150 mm f/4 lens with two 21mm extension tubes, Kodak Portra 160 with an E.I. of 80, normal film processing. Scan is taking a... Continue Reading →

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