Walking Denver

Denver 2016 copyright Douglas Stockdale I found this to be an interesting urban landscape while we were walking a little bit of Denver (Colorado) this past week.. The Fall colors in conjunction with most of the leaves now laying on the ground, that in turn reveal the older house that was probably hiding behind the shrubs... Continue Reading →


Life in the slow lane, Southern California, copyright 2016 Douglas Stockdale Yes, when life gives you lemons, make lemonade. So this may or may not develop into a full project, but at the moment I am reacting to this current experience. I have an assignment in San Diego that requires me to frequently drive down... Continue Reading →

Memory Pods project on web site

Ghost (Memory Pods project) 2014 copyright Douglas Stockdale Sometimes I need a kick in the butt to get myself into gear. I have been stating that I need to update my web site with more images from my Memory Pods project and now receiving the Honorable Mention at IFAC for my photography Loss from this project... Continue Reading →

Hasselblad Ready for its close-up: part 2

Pentax Spotmeter V, copyright 2016 Douglas Stockdale In my earlier post about determining the exposure index (EI) for the two 21mm extension tubes on my 150mm Sonnar Hasselblad lens, I was pinged with some questions about the +1 exposure compensation conclusion. I am realizing that with the advent of digital photography which really gained traction... Continue Reading →

LACP Exposure 2016 portfolio reviews

Los Angeles Center of Photography "Exposure 2016" 2016 copyright Douglas Stockdale As I had announced last month, I was honored to be a portfolio reviewer at the LACP "Exposure 2016" event this last weekend, which was hosted by two all-stars: Julia Dean and Sarah Hadley. I was very fortunate to join a wonderful group of... Continue Reading →

LensCulture profile

Ciociaria copyright 2010 Douglas Stockdale A curator/book designer just referred me to the LensCulture.com publication group and so now I am in the middle of developing a photographers profile on their site. Similar to my recent Art Photo Index profile, I am starting with my Ciociaria project photographs and book information. I included an edited version of... Continue Reading →

Art Photo Index listing

Fiuggi Passage Way 2010 copyright Douglas Stockdale When Art Photo Index (API) was launched a few years back, I was provided with an invitation to join, which I immediately accepted. Regretfully I was in-between web sites and photographic projects and really unsure as what to provide for my profile, thus I opted for the minimal... Continue Reading →

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