Time for a change


Hasselblad 503sx with 120mm Makro 2018 copyright Douglas Stockdale

So after 10 years, I have been thinking that it might be time for a make-over of my photo-blog! I am not sure just how I want this blog to look so I have been poking some different layout templates and accidentally clicked on the one you see today. Since this template is applied globally, not sure how my first posts will look like. Oh well, it’s a done deal now.

One thing about the current template is that the accompanying photograph is not that large, but from a quick scan of earlier posts, the images appear to be all sized similarly.  Which is probably a good thing.

I also need to think about what I want to keep on the sidebar, so I am guessing that will change as well, mostly getting condensed.

I am guessing that I will be trying out a few other template versions over the next couple of months, so perhaps some more changes yet to come.

So let me know what you think,





Selfie – Spring 2019


Selfie, Spring 2019 copyright Douglas Stockdale

For those who follow this photo-blog, you know that I lean into artist projects that explore the urban landscape, and more recently botanical subjects, as metaphors. Just not taking very many portraits. So posting this selfie is probably a bit of a departure; since I needed to update who I am as of late for my social media (Facebook in particular), I thought it might be interesting to post it here it here as well. so Tadaaaaaa!

My original color and then black & white versions of this selfie were pretty straight forward and so in thinking about how I am interpreting my botanical subjects (Memory Pods), I thought I might provide a similar treatment for this selfie. Okay, similar, but still different. It was an interesting to work with this portrait, a part of my experimental/play process.

I am not sure about you, but I like it. So I also updated my web site as well for my bio page. And while I was looking at my web-site, I noted that there were a few tweaks needed to update some other information. Done.

I also need to update my bio/head-shot for Los Angles Center of Photography (LACP) web-site as I am being scheduled to participate in their portfolio review program this summer. So another opportunity to use this selfie. Hopefully it does not scare folks off!

I have been told I have a Mona Lisa smile in this photo & others say it’s my mischievous look by those who know me a bit too well.



Bluewater Shore – Best Photographic Book of 2017

Bluewarter Shore artist book

Bluewater Shore, limited edition artist book 2017 copyright Douglas Stockdale

I am very honored that my limited edition artist book Bluewater Shore was just selected by Elizabeth Avedon, the renown NYC book designer, as one of her Best Photographic Books for 2017.  Concurrently, I am really excited that Bluewater Shore is also included on Viory Schelleken’s Mega-List of Best Photo Books for 2017. Wow!

A very, very nice way to end the year and a beautiful start the New Year.

As a result, since I still have a few copies of the Bluewater Edition available, I am going to offer free shipping for the next two weeks. Contact me for details; doug@douglasstockdale.com


btw, I need to update the links for this blog, but we have family visiting, thus I will work on this another day ;- )


Bluewater Shore – limited edition artist book

Bluewarter Shore artist book


Bluewater Shore (book with poly slip-cover) Copyright 2017 Douglas Stockdale

Bluewater Shore is a semi-fictional visual narrative about a young woman’s holiday, an exciting unescorted trip to the shore with friends, which is set in the late 1940’s and investigates a new sense of independence for women that occurred during and following World War II as well as American culture, family, and memory. The limited edition artist book was developed from repurposed vernacular photographs from the artist’s family archive and the concept was partly inspired by Kodak and Ansco promotional booklets that were available with dime/drug stores film processing in the 1950’s and into the 1960’s.

Concept, development & design: Douglas Stockdale copyright 2017

Flip-book, stiff covers, prong binding, hand-inscribed cover, hand-inscribed poly slip case, 32 pages, 16 black & white photographs, size: 7 ½” x 6” (190 mm x 155 mm)

Self-published artist book, limited edition of 99 + 5 A/P; price $47.00 USD (44 €, 37.5 £, 5,230 ¥,)

Printing: Fultone© digital lithography by Dual Graphics, (Brea, CA), hand-bound by the artist.

Additional photographs: www.douglasstockdale.com (Bluewater Shore – artist book)

Bluewater Shore can be purchased from Arcana: Books on the Arts (Culver City), Photo Book International or contact me directly (doug@douglasstockdale.com)

Official book launch: Photo Independent, Los Angeles, CA April 21- 23, 2017