Selfie – Spring 2019


For those who follow this photo-blog, you know that I lean into artist projects that explore the urban landscape, and more recently botanical subjects, as metaphors. I am just not taking very many portraits. So posting this selfie is probably a bit of a departure; since I needed to update who I am as of late for my social media (Facebook in particular), I thought it might be interesting to post it here it here as well. so Tadaaaaaa!

My original color and then black & white versions of this selfie were pretty straight renditions and thinking about how I am interpreting my botanical subjects (Memory Pods), I thought I might provide a similar treatment for this selfie. Okay, similar, but still different. It was an interesting to work with this portrait as a part of my experimental/play process.

I am not sure about you, but I like it. So I also updated my web site as well for my bio page. And while I was looking at my web-site I noted that there were a few tweaks needed to update some recent information. Done.

I needed to update my bio/head-shot for Los Angles Center of Photography (LACP) web-site as I am being scheduled to participate in their portfolio review program this summer. So another opportunity to use this selfie. Hopefully it does not scare folks off!

I have been told I have a Mona Lisa smile & others insinuate it’s my mischievous look by those who know me a bit too well.

Featured photograph: Selfie, Spring 2019 copyright Douglas Stockdale

Update: No one has yet to notice (or comment) that for this black and white portrait that I had added a slight coloration in the eyes. I guess it is a bit too subtle, eh?



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