Recent selfie update for social media

With the COVID restrictions backing off due to the amount of immunization and social controls everyone is using, I thought it was time to update my social media selfie photo. For the past couple of years, my selfie photo included a wide-brim hat which hid my pony-tail while I am wearing a mask, sort of... Continue Reading →

Selfie of a photographic artist

A homage to Molly McCall. While reviewing her Momento Vivere portfolio last year, she had created one image, Dissolved, that has really stayed with me. So while getting my eyes checked out earlier this year just as the pandemic was starting to break, I had to have this eye correction gear on to confirm that... Continue Reading →

COVID-19 Masked-man

This self-portrait is pretty much how I will look when I go out now during these COVID-19 pandemic days here in America. The mask is a cloth, non-medical material, which was made at home, meant to ensure if I were positive to protect others as well as some protection for myself when I have to... Continue Reading →

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