COVID-19 Masked-man


This self-portrait is pretty much how I will look when I go out now during these COVID-19 pandemic days here in America. The mask is a cloth, non-medical material, which was made at home, meant to ensure if I were positive to protect others as well as some protection for myself when I have to go out. In my prior professional life, I provided technical support to a number of medical clothing companies making the disposable sterile garments needed on the front lines of hospitals today, so I had a really good idea for the mask design. I am just not going out very much these days as we have been doing the California Shelter-in-place since mid-March.

Although I created the original selfie in color, in post production I found this black & white version a bit more visually interesting. I think we are in a more stark black and white world at the moment of either not being COVID-19 infected, or you are infected. Then I added a touch of warmth to this selfie in conjunction with a shallow depth of field (soft focus layer) to reduce the background distraction.

It is suppose to rain most of next week in Souther California, which would create a wonderful opportunity for some more Zombie Photography for my current project investigating Light & Space, but instead I will be working in my studio while dreaming of better days for all of us…

Cheers, stay healthy and safe my friends,


Featured artwork above: Self-Portrait, Confronting COVID-19 copyright 2020 Douglas Stockdale


Gardening For Ordnance solo on-line exhibition, Fabrik Projects on, March 24th – April 30th, 2020.

Los Angeles Center of Photography (LACP) Faculty Exhibition, in Los Angeles at the new LACP gallery, located at 566 Washington Blvd. The exhibition opened March 21st and the closing reception is Saturday, April, 18, 2020, from 7-10pm. TBD

Update! Medium Photo 2020 Workshop: Developing a Creative Book workshop that I will be leading, is now rescheduled for September 24 – 27th, 2020, a four-day extended weekend workshop in San Diego.

Medium Photo 2020 Lecture Series, I will be giving a one-evening lecture Artist Books as Art Objects on Friday, March 20th, from 7:30 – 9pm at the You Belong Here artist venue, located at 3619 El Cajon Blvd, San Diego, California 92104. TBD


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