Surf-Rider II – Cyanotype with Hydrogen Peroxide experiment

This is my second cyanotype using a digital negative and the second in a series of surfing photographs, Surf-Rider II. Which is all good for my learning curve for this interesting alternative photographic printing process. While using watercolors to augment my first of this series, Surf-Rider I, it was obvious to me that in this... Continue Reading →

Watercolor paint and pencils over Cyanotype

Surf-Rider I (2017), watercolor over Cyanotype, copyright Douglas Stockdale 2022 - This is now my final version using watercolor paint and watercolor pencils over my Surf-Rider I cyanotype. As I posted previously with the addition of the Magenta and Yellow, the last potential paint color to add will be a 'black' to complete the CMYK... Continue Reading →

Watercolor over Cyanotype – Yellow

One of the aspects of alternative photography when using Cyanotypes is the potential for layering on additional colors using a Gum Bichromate contact printing process. This requires multiple digital negatives, getting these negatives into exact registration when printing each color (and if you don't: Opps!), a lot more chemistry and coating paper in conjunction with... Continue Reading →

Surf-Rider I – Cyanotype series

Surf-Rider l (San Clemente, #100005) copyright 2017 Douglas Stockdale – We just returned from a short vacation in which my son was married on the bluffs in Bandon (OR) overlooking the Pacific Ocean. More about that in another post, but while on this trip, I had been 'pre-visualizing' my first Cyanotype print using a digital negative.... Continue Reading →

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