Refocusing a project

Morning Shadow, Denverton, California, 2007 copyright Douglas Stockdale Following up on yesterday's post perhaps a little more about how this Roadside Remembrance series is being reconsidered as a Black & White portfolio. This series of roadside memorials was starting to get a little traction in 2008 and I felt it had potential to go beyond the... Continue Reading →

In Passing – Lest I Forget

Nevada State Randy, Route 179, (Randy) copyright Douglas Stockdale Reading the recent (2015) October issue of PDN magazine, which is their annual photobook issue, I found myself thinking back to my real first photographic project, a series of roadside remembrance memorials. As a quick recap, it is a series that I became very fascinated by in late... Continue Reading →

Winter Field – Roadside Remembrance Memorial

Winter Field, Indiana State Route 30 copyright Douglas Stockdale 2007 & text copyright Brooks Jensen, publisher, LensWork magazine This is published on the blog LensWork Daily "Looking at Images" by Brooks Jensen This image comes from a portfolio that consists of photographs of roadside memorials and crosses, each a marker indicating a sad story. I love... Continue Reading →

National Safety Council – roadside memorial photograph

National Safety Council - A-1 Colloferro, Italy copyright 2012 Douglas Stockdale I am very honored that the National Safety Council (USA) has incorporated one of the photographs from my Roadside Remembrance Memorials series into one of their monthly safety campaigns for 2012. Editorial freedom; they have grayed down the photograph to keep the emphasis on their text. The... Continue Reading →

Duality of Roadside memorials

A-1, Colloferro, Italy copyright Douglas Stockdale 2012 Initially I visualized this project in black & white. I have come to understand that this Roadside Remembrance Memorial series transcends a greater subject, one that in a way haunts me. Memory and its preservation. These are something that is inspired by a tragic accident that usually took the life of someone too soon and... Continue Reading →

Oregon – Roadside Remembrances

Oregon State Route 26 copyright 2011 Douglas Stockdale We made a very long weekend out of this past weekend, driving up from Southern California to Portland. Enroute on Interstate-5, I made a mental note of the absence of roadside remembrance memorials in California and the plethora of them as we crossed the border into Oregon. Initially I intended... Continue Reading →

In Passing – Re-emerging Roadside Remembrances

California State Route 241, Rancho Santa Margarita (Roadside Remembrance) copyright 2009 Douglas Stockdale I have been continuing to work on the thorny problem of 1) selling my self-published books, 2) the high cost of the Blurb published books if I publish something really nice with them, and the 3) potentially limited distribution channels because of... Continue Reading →

How do you finish a project?

Nevada State Route 159 (Randy), 2007 copyright of Douglas Stockdale How do you finish a photographic project? I am begining to think that I don't know this answer. I guess that there are many ways to find closure on something, whether it is events in your personal life or during a photographic project. Then there are those things... Continue Reading →

Fragility of our existence

I am working on the photographs from my Roadside Remembrance Memorials series and I find myself thinking about the essence of these various sites. The way things are progressing I have completed a major redo of a half dozen images from the series and I will probably also re-publish my Blurb book-dummy as well. That being... Continue Reading →

Photo of the day: Halloween Costume

I-15 Frontage Road, Victorville, California, 2007 Halloween Costume  (From the series Bad Trip - Sad Trip) copyright Douglas Stockdale I have not been as consumed with taking more images for my roadside remembrance memorial series, working title of Bad Trip - Sad Trip, and in fact, I think of it as being relatively complete.  I have... Continue Reading →

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