Photo of the day: Halloween Costume

I-15 Frontage Road, Victorville, California, 2007

Halloween Costume  (From the series Bad Trip – Sad Trip) copyright Douglas Stockdale

I have not been as consumed with taking more images for my roadside remembrance memorial series, working title of Bad Trip – Sad Trip, and in fact, I think of it as being relatively complete.  I have to think of it being relatively complete, as when I see something different that I feel compelled to find a way to photograph it, I still do it.  As in this case.  In fact when I left on this trip on I-15 for an equipment trade show in Las Vegas, I had been thinking about this one un-photographed roadside memorial that I notices on an earlier trip on the I-15.

So when I saw this memorial again outside Victorville, I had to drive the freeway for a while until the next exit so that I could double back to make this image.  Interestingly, there is another memorial about 100 feet further down this frontage road at an intersection, but I am not sure if they are related.  Today, this memorial had been prepared for the pending Halloween night, which comes at the end of October, with a small bucket of trick-or-treat candies at the base.  Like some other memorials, I have seen someone has made changes to reflect and “celebrate” the different holidays.

This memorial has a plaque, which is written: “Mark, if tears could build a stairway and Memories a lane – I’d walk right up to Heaven and bring you Home again.” The dates are 1986 – 2002, thus Mark was about 16 at the time of his passing.

I think that I can find room in my book dummy for this new image,

Best regards,



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