Insomnia memories

Some additional fine tuning and tweaking of this photograph over the last week for the Insomnia project. Best regards, Doug

Insomnia – open ended

Open Ended - from the series Insomnia: Hotel Noir copyright 2009 Douglas Stockdale One of the outcomes of gaining clarity of a project or series, is that all of a sudden, there are seeming less decisions to be made. As to what I need to do just seems so obvious. I am also realizing that with a cinematic story, in... Continue Reading →

Insomnia – Blurb publishing intent

I have been sitting on the fence as to self-publish or make submissions to the established publishers for my project, Insomnia. There are some pros and cons for each alternative. But the biggest draw back to self publishing is the ability to distribution of the book after all of the investments have been made. One of the... Continue Reading →

Insomnia – feedback

In Transit 2 (version 2) from the series Insomnia - Hotel Noir photograph by Douglas Stockdale One of the tests that I do for my series when it is getting fairly well developed is to show five prints at the Photographers Exchange meeting. And unusually it is a mix of prints that I am very comfortable with and... Continue Reading →

Continue working the Insomnia project

I had some thoughts about adding another photograph from the series with this post, but appears that WordPress has other ideas. Actually nothing really inspiring to add, just working the series with regard to editing. Which image goes where kinda of thing. I have a nice intro, a nice ending, and a couple of good... Continue Reading →

Insomnia – continuing the story line

Sleeplessness  from the series Insomnia - Hotel Noir  photographs by Douglas Stockdale At the moment, I am working my way through the series as I concurrently develop my book dummy, estentially editing the storyline. At this point in time, I have approximately 50 photograhs that I am considering. Now I am testing each photograph as to my... Continue Reading →

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