Insomnia: Hotel Noir – New web site

I have been thinking more about my intent for Insomnia: Hotel Noir and why I might not be taking some of my own advice, and now what I have done about it.

So first things first. I have been advocating that when working on a project or series that one of the intents is to have publish it in a book, that you should be thinking ahead on how to promote it. Two recent examples come to mind, the static web site that Henry Horestein developed for his Pond Press published book Anamalia, found here. The other was the blog that was developed by Anne Deniau for her Gourcuff Gradenigo published book Nicolas Le Riche, found here. I lean towards a more introactive blog.

What brought back this into focus for me was a reminder from Amanda Keller-Konya about the series of articles published in photo-eye magazine on book publishing, specificlly getting the word out on your book, even in advance of having the book published. And my intent with Insomnia: Hotel Noir is to have it published as a book. So why not get started today in putting together the promotional infrastructure?

So to the second point, I did start a new blog to accumulate all of my past thoughts and development of Insomnia: Hotel Noir and a place to keep track of what is happening with this project, and which is now located here: Now I need to link this up on the side bar of this blog.

So between a Saturday round of golf with my son-in-law (a very belated birthday game) and Easter Sunday with family brunch after church,  I started to pull all my Insomnia information together. What I did notice is a very big gap in writing about Insomnia between middle of January 2008 and a renewed interest in finishing the project in January 2009. A period of allowing the project to more fully development while working on other things, as I had hit a creative roadblock with this project.

So now I continue to get this project back on track, and my goal now is to have the book dummy finished by the end of June.

Best regards, Doug


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