PhotoFest09 – The results

The workshop went really well yesterday at the LBCC PhotoFest09, great participation (like they had a choice with my workshop breakout assignments!) and super enthusiasm. The best part was all the personal feedback on how they were able to betterconceptualize their projects that they had envisioned, but had struggled to get their arms (minds) around. nice.

Jeff Smeding and Ann Mitchell and the PhotoFest09 team were supportive and a pleasure to work with. And we are already talking about my participation for next year. BTW, Ann also publishers her photographs in her daily sketchbook of ideas, Impermanence. A good read.

I also had the opportunity on Friday to audit the Print on Demand Workshopthat was provided by Amanda Keller Konya, who is also an instructor at LLBC as well as Cerritos City College and the Julia Dean Workshops. It was a great presentation and I took away a couple of pages of notes to modify my own POD book workshop. Always interesting when you bring different folks together and what unique insights that they bring to the process, always a learning opportunity. And I found that Amanda is also a friend of Aline Smithson, who writes the wonderful Lenscratch.

And best of all, I am recharged to finish my own project, Insomnia: Hotel Noir. And I decided that a good goal for this project is to complete the Blurb book in time for this years Photo.Book.Now competition, sponsored by Blurb, and principal jurist is Darius Himes of Radius Books.

And regretfully, I did not bring a digital recorder for my presentation, as I was thinking that I had enough things to juggle for this presentation. In retrospect, I am a free roamer during my presentations, I don’t like to be anchored to a podium, so not sure what the quality of the recording would have been like. And it just occurred to me, I did not take an souvenir photographs of the occasion either. Yikes, see I told you I had enough things to juggle;- )

Best regards, Doug

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  1. Congratulations on a successful weekend. I can hope that, eventually, one of your nearby workshops will be scheduled on a date when I don’t have a conflict.

    I look forward to getting a peek at you completed Insomnia project.

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