Insomnia – feedback


In Transit 2 (version 2) from the series Insomnia – Hotel Noir photograph by Douglas Stockdale

One of the tests that I do for my series when it is getting fairly well developed is to show five prints at the Photographers Exchange meeting. And unusually it is a mix of prints that I am very comfortable with and some that I am not sure. In this case, one of the photographs that I was not as sure about was one of the two prologue photographs that perhaps was a little too abstract. And I was thinking that the area of warm tone was also a little too strong and should have the opacity of that adjustment level reduced to about 50%.

And that photograph that I had my most doubts about was exactly the one photograph that folks just did not get or even understand the basic underlying photograph. Perhaps the one comment  from a friend who works in relative abstract work, was that this one photograph was too unlike the other images. They all had some mystery as well, but this one just did not seem to fit in with the others and was beyond being mysterious.

Ahhhh, consistency.

So perhaps that was not the right prologue photograph after all. I certainly did not want to start my story line with too weak or inconsistent of an image, to  sent folks off on a non-linear tangent that really befuddled my own intent. I needed to set the stage properly and prepare the story line. So more work to do.

So after some thinking about this most of the day, I did another sort of my travel photographs and found one that may work a little better, above.  On my next couple of trips through the airport, I will have a decided purpose in the image that I am looking for. So if you are traveling along and dragging a bag through an airport, and there is a guy with a camera at waist level following you about, with a steady click, click, click, please turn and say hello.

Best regards, Doug


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