Bittersweet vacations


When we set off for our annual skiing vacation, I had thought that I would continue working on a series that I initiated last year. As always, it seems that your creative work goes a little bit easier if you have a goal in mind, e.g. what the heck are you trying to accomplish kinda of thing. But I also realize that it is a “goal” and not a rigid requirement in the worst sense of the word.

So I had been thinking that this series woud be a little lighter and joyful than my past couple of series, about the delights of a vacation. What was I thinking, eh? Vacations are just like regular life, except for a little more planning, anticipation and occuring usually in a different locale.

Things go right, but things also go wrong, or different, or in this current case, someone gets hurt and breaks something. And all of the good intent and anticipated good times goes very, very sidewides. During the trip, I had vivid recollections of Julie Blackmon’s book Domestic Vocations that I had reviewed late last year.

Which was probably my aha! moment for this vacation series. Yep, nice to include the bright side of things, but just as good to not forget the downside of a vacation, such as the pile of mail and bills that await you, patiently knowing that they will quickly errase most of the pleasant thoughts of the vacation with their hard economic reality. sheeeese.

So anyhow, this is a messy series that is still in progress and I am getting a better understanding of the things that I want to photograph next year. Not that I can’t recreate some of those images now that I am back, but I might need some snow, which there is not a whole lot of in Orange County, even during the winter. (oh yeah, we can see it on the distant mountains on a clear day).

So maybe a snow visit day, eh?

Best regards, Doug

BTW this little guy, who was in ski school, just did a slow-mo wipe out and is now getting put back together again. A typical vaction day.

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