Skiing road trip – 2009 version


Double Nuckle-draggers, Vail, CO 2009 photograph copyright of Douglas Stockdale

Well we did another one of those wonderful road trips, taking the extended family skiing to Vail. One of those good news, bad news things. Skiing with your granddaughter for her first outing after a bunch of ski school lessons was wonderful. Skiing with your daughter who fell and broke her arm on the very first run of the first day, not wonderful. Sigh.

Just a chaotic bunch of events. I brought my in-process book chapters on a flash drive to work on, only to completely loose the file after four hours of writing. Where did it go?? My son-in-law is an account exec with Microsoft and even he could not salvage it. That really sucks. So where all those initial notes that I made??

So I decded to take the “big” Canon on a ski run, not much harm other than losing the lens cap, so put a new 77mm lens cap on my shoppoing list. Then I return home, go to charge the Canon batteries and where is that charger? Oh, yeah, back in Vail, still hanging on the wall. Crap. Add that to my shopping list as well.

Then the drive back from Denver was a slight terror with the snow storms, icy roads, and then hit all of the rain in California, which in the higher elevations was snow. So that had the I-15 closed for a while and a resulting huge traffic jam back to Victorville. sheeese.

And we will probably do this all again next year, too.

I did work on my skiing series again, with an intial intent to capture the fun of a holiday. I am rethinking that again;- )

Best regards, Doug

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