Insomnia – Cinematic story?

Bed Check from the series Insomnia - Hotel Noir  photograph copyright of Douglas Stockdale Again, another comment by Anita regarding the development of this series and an observation about the cinematic feeling she is getting. Cinematic is just not a term that I casually drop into a conversation. So my first reaction was that this is an industry... Continue Reading →

Insomnia – reception

Reception from the series Insomnia - Hotel Noir  photograph copyright of Douglas Stockdale If a story needs a begining and an end, I think that the photograph Reception is where Hotel Noir starts. This is a nice lobby and reception area considering some of the places that I have been. When you drag in after midnight,... Continue Reading →

Insomnia – potential prologue

In Transit from the series Insomnia - Hotel Noir  photograph by Douglas Stockdale I think that one of my biggest weaknesses with the development of a photographic "story" is that I don't know crap about writing a novel. Hey, that just might be a good thing, eh? So since I don't know the rules, then... Continue Reading →

Insomnia series – how narrative?

Phone Conversation from the series Insomnia - Hotel Noir  photography by Douglas Stockdale With the recent comment from Anita regarding my recently revised photograph from Insomnia, she stated that the photographs were less ambiguous and more narrative. Hmmm, did I really mean that to happen? A narrative quality would seem very relevant to a story, .e.g a... Continue Reading →

Insomnia and the color Blue

I have started working on my series Insomnia: Hotel Noir again, including making prints.  First realization was that most of the images created todate were using my prior Photoshop CS workflow.  I have reworked a couple of the image using the CS3 workflow and I now know that I will have to use the CS3... Continue Reading →

First Sort

Still working on the first full sort of the images that I had made over the previous nine months for the series Insomnia: Hotel Noir (blue version). I had allowed these images to accomulate with out much editing as I was trying to finish the earlier series Bad Trip - Sad Trip. Hope to have... Continue Reading →

Easily fascinated

Evening Television (maybe in the series Insomnia: Hotel Noir) copyright 2007 Douglas Stockdale I really like Martin's comment that perhaps I am better discussing the fact that I am easily fascinated, which I agree has a much more positive spin on life. I think that it is also related to Paul Lester's recent discussion about... Continue Reading →

Night Pool

I am now working on the color tonality of the series Insomnia: Hotel Noir. I want to bring in a slight bluish cast, but not as strong as effect (satuation) that I had decieded to use for the series Bad Trip - Sad Trip. So I will print up a couple of different images in different... Continue Reading →

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