Easily fascinated

Evening Television

Evening Television (maybe in the series Insomnia: Hotel Noir) copyright 2007 Douglas Stockdale

I really like Martin’s comment that perhaps I am better discussing the fact that I am easily fascinated, which I agree has a much more positive spin on life. I think that it is also related to Paul Lester’s recent discussion about flow, which I have written about as well and how I have catagorized many of my images.

That being said, I have noticed that some of my images from the series Insomnia: Hotel Noir include some asepects of the image that work well with color. An example of this is the image included with this post, Evening Television. Part of the test as to whether this works with the series is to look at my artistic statment (now drafted and on my web site) to determine, does it help with the suggestion of what I want to accomplish?

Nevertheless, I am attracted to this image, whether it stays within the series or not. I realize that it has a very different emotional context and maybe a new series in progress. A new path, a potential open door, I walk forward; does the door close in front of me, stay open or slam shut on my tush? Time will tell, so I continue walking….

Best regards, Doug

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