Insomnia series continues

…I had sort of run out of steam photographing my Insomnia series during my long protracted stay in Northern LA County, so the time at home was refreshing in many ways. Now on this shorter duration in Napa, I found myself late last night wondering around the hotel grounds again with the camera on the tripod, with fresh eyes and some renewed energy.

As a result of the start of my I-15  (regretfully, I do not have any images to share yet) series last month, I am experimenting with some new compositional and exposure elements last night. A quick review indicates some potentials and so I find myself looking forward to this evening’s venture. Another one of the delights of the DSLR, the very quick feedback!

 Okay, it’s still early this morning and I have budgeted some time to return to the memorials that I photographed yesterday late afternoon. You could say that I am going out to see them in a “new” light!

Best regards, Doug

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