Memorials in Napa

…on our 7 hour drive to Napa from Orange County, I think that I saw only one memorial and since we were in bumper to bumber SF Bay traffic, one that I made a mental note to look for another time. It seems that when ever I am driving, I am keeping my senses aware for these.  For these to survive in CA, they have a tendency to blend in with the surrondings.

My goal  this weekend was to enjoy some time together and enduge in some wine tasting along with some nice meals. We were very successful! Over the three days, I found myself toting my little 4 Mp Canon G2 taking a few “snapshoots” at the verious winery grounds. Odd that I did not see one memorial until the end of the day Sunday driving back to the Hotel. hmmm maybe the wine tasting was toooo much fun. oh well. Since I am also here for work, I made note of the location to come back and investigate the following late afternoon.

I found the memorial easy enough and stopped to read the writings and look at the faded photos that were attached to the tree in back of the memorial. I believe that the memorial was put in place in 2004 and the writings & photographs were almost totally bleached out. This is one of those memorials that has not been maintained recently. Nature was slowly reclaiming the site and the memories are probably equally fading.

Noticing a frontage road, I then thought I might try another composition, so I drove down until I found a cross road and circled back. Amazingly, almost parallel to the first memorial, I found another. Two within 80 yards of each other. The second was more recent and different. A much smaller memorial with different artifacts. Tellingly, one part was a small toy scooter in among the memorial. While standing there and looking at it, I realized that there were two telephone poles right next to me, one new and the older one was cracked at its base.   The realization of the type of accident that probably occured became aparent to me.  A car would have snapped the pole, but a small scooter hitting a pole at high velocity would only slightly damage it. To  actually hit the pole hard enough to render the pole unusable requires a lot of force.

Which reminds me again that life is fragile and that I  need to call me scooter riding son tonight to tell him that I love him.

Best regards, Doug

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