Insomnia – potential prologue


In Transit from the series Insomnia – Hotel Noir  photograph by Douglas Stockdale

I think that one of my biggest weaknesses with the development of a photographic “story” is that I don’t know crap about writing a novel. Hey, that just might be a good thing, eh? So since I don’t know the rules, then I can merrily do what I like. nice.

But I have been thinking about the image sequencing, which I know is another way to say “storyline”. And while thinking about the earlier image of the person boarding the plane as a lead in, or introduction or prologue, I realized that I could pair it with another that I had made recently.

I have been experimenting for a while with panning and other camera movements, to create a feeling of time in a photograph. One thing that I do as I walk through airports and the like, is to have my camera at waist level and kinda point & shoot. Sort of like shooting skeet, as you really don’t need to have the camera at your eye, all you need to do is kinda point the camera with a wide angle lens. Wonderful stuff with auto exposure and auto focus, just use Av and stop the lens down for a 1/2 to full second exposure. When you get to your seat on the plane, see what ya got. Fun stuff.

And I remembered something from a walk about at Dallas DFW that could fit with this series. It was one of those occasions when you find your seat and look at your photographs and realize, oh crap, I had my zoom set at a normal focal length, now wide open. But there was something about the set of photographs that caused me to pause and not delete them on the spot. So I guess, I have to try this again at a normal focal length again, maybe there is more opportunity there.

But now, I have a pair of images that could be a nice prologue, for the body of the series. As a result, I then started to “build” my book, and preparing images for a Blurb large format hard cover book.  I already have my prints which I have re-sequenced a number of times and feeling comfortable with the progressive order. In the past, I would actually create a dummy book, but this time, I am a little more comfortable with the process and going to use the Blurb Booksmart software to create a virtual dummy. And once I tweak that, I will be able to quick go to publishing, if I chose.

And I have a work around for the Blurb picture templates that allows me to get my image exactly how I crop it in the book in its entirety. So I have concurrently been documenting that methodology for my workshop class. nice.

I am also back to thinking about contacting the traditional book publishers with this series. If so, then I will have a privately published softbound versions of the book and print some of these book “dummies” to send out for consideration. hmmmmm.

But first things first, I have to get my head around this series and finish it. I also have another set of images that I made during this series that I have not included yet, and I need to decide are they appropriate or not. More about that another time.

Best regards, Doug

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  1. At least for the moment, this seems like the perfect lead into the image of the person boarding the plane. What this sequence does for me is to create the sense of a memory, concept, or impression(?)- not yet even close to being in focus. Because of the delay in specifics, I am drawn in—searching for more details. That feels quite cinematic and a highly effective device for drawing me into a story.

    Bravo. More, please. More.

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