Insomnia series – development of a story


Insomnia – Hotel Noir, photographic series, Douglas Stockdale

I have spent a lot of the day printing variations of my photographs for the series Insomnia. I am still experiementing with the blue undertone and a spot of a warm tone selectively applied to bring to mind a feeling. But that means printing a bunch of variations as I adjust the color hue, saturation, opacity & fill. And depending where I want the image in the sequence, then I need to make additional tonality adjustments.

I sometimes wonder if the tonality treatment is tooo hokey or does it add another wonderful dimension to the print and subsquently to the series. The nice thing is that the changes/adjustments are layers and not permanate, which allows me to play with this. It will not be the first time that I have spent a lot of time on the development of a series, then at the end of the development, just trash all that work and start over again. I think that this process is called creativity, eh?

Case in point, the photograph of the luggage above is starting to look like the last image for the story. The traces of Insomnia are present in the room where it lurks in the edges. The suitcase is packed and now we ready to leave, possibly returning home or at least coming closer to the end of the week.  To once again be able reconnect with family and loved ones. The feeling of Hope is now becoming stronger and anything is now possible. I can sense that the mood is becoming more positive and upbeat.

Best regards, Doug

Quick note: having just published this post, I have a quick realization that I want the warm tone only inside the bedroom, not out the door into the foreground outside room. So now back to working on this image some more. Fun, eh? Yep!!!

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  1. I think the split-tone idea is exciting and I, too, would like it inside the room. Still, I really like that backlight on the chair. That gives me a nice diagonal leading me to the suitcase. I’m looking forward to seeing where you go next with this one.

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